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In February, a Resolution to Ensure Inclusion & Representation was sent to our then Caucus Chair Guillermo Lopez by a member of the MDP  Executive Committee, and calls for all Caucuses to have representation on the  Party Executive Committee (only some Caucuses are currently represented). While the Resolution references the Anishinaabek Caucus, the MDP Hispanic Latino Caucus would be named in an otherwise duplicate Resolution.
The Hispanic Latino Caucus membership voted via email to support this Resolution. We'll post follow up information here as we learn more.




WHEREAS diversity is the strength of the Michigan Democratic Party and, as outlined in our

platform, we believe Michigan should lead the way for the rest of the nation in building a

successful multicultural society that welcomes and accepts all who seek to make this state their


WHEREAS affirmative action is crucial to amending past de facto and de jure discrimination

and oppression.

WHEREAS the majority of caucuses of the Michigan Democratic Party are dedicated to specific

cultural groups.

WHEREAS the diversity of our party is not currently reflected by the Executive Committee.

WHEREAS an indigenous land acknowledgement is read at the beginning of all party meetings

yet there are no Anishinaabek represented on the Executive Committee.

WHEREAS the caucuses dedicate tremendous work for the party yet rely on Executive

Committee members for information on statewide proceedings and do not have a voice over

those proceedings.

WHEREAS caucus representation would allow direct access to knowledge of MDP proceedings

and allow a more efficient distribution of information to their members.

WHEREAS the Executive Committee has historically been a smaller body of the State Central

Committee charged with questions of policy arising in the interim of State Central Meetings.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Michigan Democratic Party amend the

rules and bylaws so as to provide representation for the caucuses on State Central’s Executive


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following the following recommendation be sent

before the rules committee to amend to the rules as follows:

6.7.1 All Caucuses of the Michigan Democratic Party shall provide one representative as an ex

officio member of the Executive Committee with all voting and other rights accorded to the

members thereof.

6.7.2 The caucus representative to the Executive Committee are to be elected among the caucus



Alternative Bylaws Proposal:

6.7.1 Chairpersons of Caucuses of the Michigan Democratic Party shall be ex officio members of

the Executive Committee with all voting and other rights accorded to the members thereof.

6.7.2 In the event of a Chairpersons resignation or termination, the former chairperson shall fill

the vacancy.

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